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FollettUSA is a private real estate investment firm with a history of generating attractive risk adjusted returns across business cycles.

We are a California-based boutique real estate firm investing in high quality income-producing properties with the goal of generating tax-efficient income, long-term equity capital appreciation, wealth preservation, and estate planning efficiency. We focus on two core assets classes — manufactured home communities and self-storage facilities — and we have a long track record of exceeding investor expectations by purchasing high quality assets that meet or exceed long-term performance forecasts.

FollettUSA is a Community

People who work, live, rent, and invest with FollettUSA join a community. The success, growth and long-term viability of our community is our passion.

Founded in 1989, FollettUSA has been a successful real estate investor, owner and operator for over 30 years. Our enduring success is the result of our philosophy that supporting and improving the communities in which we invest creates tangible value. We believe that our investors win when our broader community wins.

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FollettUSA invests in high-quality income producing properties with the goal of generating tax-efficient income, wealth preservation, and long-term equity capital appreciation. We achieve superior results by specializing in two distinct income-generating business lines: manufactured home communities and self-storage facilities.


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As a long-term owner of real estate, FollettUSA continually seeks ways to improve the resource efficiency of our assets by investing in sustainability projects that both ‘do well’ financially and ‘do good’ environmentally. We believe that sustainability-focused investments such as solar power production, LED lighting, and low-water intensity landscaping just make sense.

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