Investment Strategy

Subject Matter Experts Investing in Manufactured Home Communities and Self-Storage Facilities

FollettUSA is a California-based boutique real estate firm investing in high quality income producing properties with the goal of generating tax-efficient income, long-term equity capital appreciation, wealth preservation, and estate planning efficiency. We focus on two distinct lines business and are subject matter experts in each:

  • Manufactured Home Communities
  • Self-Storage Facilities

FollettUSA occasionally also invests in opportunistic special situations outside of our two core asset classes. Such situations are deemed to have asymmetric risk reward characteristics. These situations are rare, and as such we rarely pursue them.

Community Matters 

The concept of Community is core to FollettUSA.  For every investment we make, we strive to improve the quality of the asset and the broader community in which it is located.  We invest in and maintain properties in which we ourselves would want to live or be a customer.  Community drives our decision making and ultimately our investment returns.

Investment Principles

  • Community Drives Performance: supporting and improving the communities in which we invest creates tangible value. Our investors win when the broader community wins.
  • Stick to your knitting: we invest in what we know and understand.  We are subject matter experts and students of the markets in which we invest.
  • Long-term bias: we operate under the premise that long-term asset ownership creates long-term wealth.  We buy assets we would be thrilled to own forever. We half joke that that we purchase real estate for the benefit of our grandchildren’s grandchildren. 
  • Align interests: We invest alongside our investors in every investment we make and we structure transactions so that FollettUSA principles make money when our investors make money.


Investment Types

  • Core: Class A urban core irreplaceable real estate paying a fair return for the risk assumed.
  • Core Plus: Class A and B assets in high growth secondary and tertiary markets with long-term stability and superior income opportunity.
  • Opportunistic: operationally intensive asset repositioning to create superior risk adjusted returns: “Buy It, Fix It, Hold or Sell It.”